.......Non-Executive Director - serving investors in and lenders to infrastructure projects and businesses

Stratus Infrastructure, a new bid and asset management company aimed at providing infrastructure and PPP investment support to sponsors and investors in emerging markets, is being set up by Nigel Brindley and Bob Shekleton.  Bob and Nigel have known each other for over 10 years, working together on a range of projects spanning from multi-school and hospital PPPs to road, rail and renewable energy infrastructure.  Whilst Bob has concentrated on bid, procurement and transaction management, Nigel has been integrating and managing assets, portfolios and concessions to enhance value.  They are assembling a network of associates with established careers in infrastructure on which to draw additional resource where necessary. Stratus will be operating internationally with a particular focus on developing infra-markets with an appetite for PPP/project financed type deals. There is more information at http://www.stratusinfrastructure.com